Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala police have warned Malayalees against the dangerous Kiki challenge through a video. The social media cell of Kerala police has shot a video and it is going viral on social media. 

Within three hours of posting, the video has got 168K views.

Many have been injured due to the Kiki challenge. Kerala police have shown the aftereffect of Kiki challenge in the video. Through the video Kerala police is telling Kiki challenge is the easy way to Central Jail.

Presently taking up challenges even at the risk of life has become a viral video trend.

After police across the globe issued warnings against the Kiki challenge, another dangerous trend Dragon’s Breath challenge is all over the internet now.

The Dragon’s Breath trend involves eating candy which is dipped in liquid nitrogen.

The viral trend can lead to serious health issues. However, many including children are taking up the challenge.