Bengaluru: An Ola cab driver was kidnapped and robbed by unidentified assailants on Friday. They also forced the cab driver's wife to strip over a video call.

On Friday night, the cab driver received a booking from Adugodi, Bengaluru, and reached the pick-up point where four passengers wanted a drop to Dommasandra, 22 km away from the pick-up point.

Speaking to the reporters, the driver said, "I started driving the car at around 4 PM and was still on duty till around 10:30 PM when I got their booking. They were four people. I went near masjid in Adugodi. Then they asked me to drive towards Dommasandra. After reaching the location, they instructed me to move the vehicle to the right and then take an immediate left saying that their house was nearby. Later, they attacked me and pushed me away from the car and then grabbed the car key. All three knew how to drive."

As the cab driver reached the destination, the passengers asked him to go further claiming their house was nearby. When the cab reached a remote place, the four passengers began to assault the driver. The driver was tied up and made to sit in the back seat.

Later, the attackers drove the cab to Ramanagara, in the outskirts of Bengaluru, and stopped near a burial ground where they assaulted him again and demanded money. The victim withdrew Rs 9,000 from an ATM and gave it to them. But the abductors sought more and took Rs 20,000 through his Paytm. They also made him call his brother-in-law and transfer money to his number, which was again transferred to another bank account from which they withdrew the amount.

The miscreants did not stop their assault there. They took the driver to another isolated place and forced him to video call his wife and they asked the wife to strip. When she refused, the attackers began to thrash him again. They wife budged and the miscreants took screenshots of the act. The driver was later taken to Channapatna, where they demanded more money from him and took away his mobile phone.

Later, he was taken to a lodge in the area where he requested them to allow him to use the washroom. The driver escaped through the window and managed to reach the city and filed a complaint with Adugodi police on Saturday.

The police registered a complaint of robbery, kidnap, blackmail, assault and outraging the modesty of a woman. Police have recovered CCTV camera footage of the lodge in Channapatna where the entire episode of him being taken inside the lodge has been captured.

The Ola cab driver escaped from the window of the washroom when he was held at a lodge in Channapatna, from where police have obtained CCTV footage