Kathmandu: The Rashtriya Janata Party of Nepal, a key Madhesi party, which has been pressing for amending the constitution of Nepal, has jeopardized the political scene by threatening to withdraw their support to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-led government.

A memorandum has already been submitted by the RJP-N leaders to Prime Minister Oli on Monday, warning him that if the government failed to address their demands, the party would withdraw its support to his government by this November.

RJP-N has already implored the government to initiate the process of amendment to the Constitution to discourse the claims of Madhesi, Tharu, Muslims, and Janajatis.

"This is our last warning and if the government ignored this, we will launch a fresh agitation after the festivals by withdrawing support to the government," said Rajendra Mahato, member of the Presidium of the RJP- N.

"The government is not listening to our demands and is also trying to avoid the amendments to the Constitution," said Mahato, former commerce minister.

The Constitution, which was enacted in Nepal on September 20, 2015. It has failed to satisfy the Madhesis and Tharus, who represent 70% of the Terai population. They regard the formation of seven provinces as per the Constitution as being extremely unfair to them and had precipitated a six-month-long turbulence, which killed more than 50 people.

The Madhesi party demands to protect the interests of residents of the southern Terai region, who are predominantly of Indian origin.

RJP-N demands an amendment in the citizenship certificate distribution provision, providing more rights to the provincial governments, re-demarcation of the provincial boundary, withdrawal of cases registered against the party's cadres and release of RJP-N lawmaker Resham Chaudhary, who had not yet been administered the oath of office and secrecy. He has been prosecuted for escalating violence in the Terai region during the distress in that region. He is in prison even after his success in the last parliamentary elections.

A few personnel from the security forces were killed during the uproar and the government has imprisoned Chaudhary for his ostensible association in that fatal occurrence.

The Communist Party-led government of Nepal is holding a two-thirds majority in the 275-member house. However, if the key Madhesi party withdraws its alliance with Oli’s government, the ruling party will lose the sufficient majority to rule the house.