Fayaz Mobeen, a youth from Kerala, has landed himself in hot soup after allegedly duping a minor girl and luring her to run away with him to Mangaluru, Karnataka. He has been arrested by the Karnataka police in Mangaluru after which he was handed over to the Chevayur police in Kerala. The accused has been booked under sections 7, 8 under the POCSO Act. 

According to reports, he has also been accused of stealing a bike for which he has been remanded by the Kozhikode High Court, to 14 days of custody. He met the minor girl during his coaching class in Chevayur, which he joined after the completion of his schooling in Kozhikode. The minor girl and Fayaz became friends in a few days. The case came to light after the father of the minor girl lodged a complaint saying that she is missing.

The cops have uncovered some shocking facts about the accused during the inquiry. Fayaz used to reportedly post fancy pictures as a celebrated DJ on social media to entice teenage girls. Fayaz has a history of luring girls after chatting with them. 

He has also allegedly created a Whatsapp group which he has sued to his advantage to lure girls to get money from them.