Thiruvananthapuram: The cash-strapped Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has received a timely boost for its major computerisation plans as they will get 250 unused computers which were discarded as e-waste at the government secretariat.

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The computers will be mainly used for training purposes as the KSRTC is gearing up for computerisation.

The KSRTC had earlier requested the government to allow them few computers for their computerisation plans. Now, the government is planning to hand over the 250 old reusable computers and 12 printers to KSRTC.

The 250 computers included about 100 computers with central processing units (CPUs), monitors, keyboard and monitors, and 150 CPUs alone.

KSRTC chairman and managing director Tomin J Thachankary told Deccan Chronicle that those computers which could be reused are being taken from the secretariat.

"KSRTC is now using DOS-based computer applications. Now we are planning a major computerisation, which includes e-ticketing and traffic management. However owing to financial constraint, the project could not be taken forward. Hence, as I came to know that many reusable computers were remaining unused at secretariat, I approached the government IT department," said Thachankary.

Earlier, the reusable computers of the secretariat used to be given to institutions like government schools at free of cost. But that was done only for a small quantity. But, this is for the first time that the government is supplying reusable computers to a government institution and that too in large numbers.

As part of the implementation of e-office in all government departments, many computers used in government secretariat had to be replaced with new ones owing to compatibility issues. Most of the machines were not damaged, but could not be used by secretariat departments. Hence it would have even gone as e-waste.