Amidst recent news of honour killing, there are some love stories that prove love is unconditional. Bhavya and Sachin's life in Kerala is a living example of how love can change the way one looks at life.

Bhavya is diagnosed with spinal cancer after five months of couple falling in love. This made Sachin realise how much he loves Bhavya and after her first chemotherapy, he got engaged to her.

Sachin and Bhavya from Mallapuram met while pursuing a course in accountancy, one year ago. After five months of knowing each other, the couple expressed their feelings to each other.

But after two months, Bhavya was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Sachin decided to be with her. He accompanied Bhavya in all her visits to the hospital for undergoing various tests. In March, she underwent her first chemotherapy.

Soon after the operation, Sachin got engaged to Bhavya. The couple got married on September 6.

Sachin has postponed his dream of pursuing post graduation. In fact, he works as a daily wage labourer to fend for the family. All he wants is to help Bhavya overcome this and live life with her till the end.