Kannur: Reshma Nishanth, a native of Kannur, has put up a Facebook post that since she considers bleeding to be like any other bodily discharge like pee and poop, she believes that she can fast with all purity to enter Sabarimala.

Reshma Nishanth has been observing the 41-day fast during the ‘Mandala Kaalam’ for the past12 years. After the Supreme Court verdict, she has decided that she would climb the eighteen steps to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ayyappa’s temple - Sabarimala. The Ayyappa temple will open its doors to devotees on Tuesday.

Soon after Reshma Nishanth revealed her plan to enter the temple, a mob including Hindu outfits near her house, raised slogans against her and threatened to not allow her to enter the temple. Many natives have surrounded her house to stop Reshma. Still, this 32-year-old woman remained calm. 

"Reshma is educated, and yet she has taken a bad decision to go to the temple. She won't reach Sabarimala. Lord Ayyappa won't allow her to reach there," said Radhakrishnan, a Kannur native.

Reshma also revealed why such a dream came to her mind to enter the temple. She said that back in 2006 while doing her masters, she found some women in certain parts of the neighbouring district fasting during 'Mandala Kaalam', and even they were not allowed to meet Lord Ayyappa.

After that, she started fasting during 'Mandala Kaalam'. But this time, she has also started wearing the beaded chain that is worn by men before leaving for the Sabarimala temple.

At Reshma's home, her family is supporting her completely. Her husband, Nishanth, accompanies her to the local temple to guard her. He remains outside until she finishes her prayers. Reshma also said that their five-year-old daughter is not stifled to any religion or beliefs. Reshma and her husband want their daughter to take take a decision on the religion she wants to follow.

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