Palakkad: Activist Rahul Easwar was on Monday arrested from a government rest house in Palakkad. On December 15, a local court in Ranni, Pathanamthitta, had cancelled his bail.

The court had ordered his arrest in reply to the application filed by the Kerala Police. They said that Easwar was not obeying bail conditions and hence his bail should be revoked.

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The court had granted him bail under strict conditions including, presenting himself before the police officers every week. Easwar failed to appear before them and that led to his cancellation of the bail.

Responding to the cancellation of the bail, on December 15, Easwar had tweeted, "Will move Kerala High Court and also Kerala Human Rights Commission on decision of Pinarayi Police to arrest me again because I was "late for signing". Such childish and outrageous excuses to arrest. Mr Franko is out after alleged Raping and I am arrested again for "delay" (sic).”

Earlier, on October 17, Easwar was arrested for protesting in Pamba and Nilakkal against the Supreme Court verdict allowing the entry of women aged between 10 and 50 years into the Sabarimala temple.

On October 22, nine persons, including Easwar was granted bail in the case.

There was another controversy when Easwar had claimed that 20 Lord Ayyappa devotees, who were opposing the entry of women in the age group of 10 to 50, were ready to cause knife injuries on themselves on the temple premises to force the priests to close the Sabarimala temple.

Responding to this, the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom, said, “We have come to see that Rahul’s statements and reports are passed on as the opinions of Sabarimala Thantri family. But these are wrong impressions that have spread misunderstanding among the people. Legally, he has no relation with the Sabarimala Thantri family or customs and traditional rites in the Sabarimala temple. Rahul also doesn’t enjoy any right to inherit the present duties of the Thantri family. We also disagree with his opinions on diluting the purity of the Sannidhanam.”

Easwar also had commented on this statement and said that the accusations against him are “incredibly wrong”. Easwar alleged that the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom are afraid of a certain people and so they are making such false statements.

He doubted that the thantris of Thazhamon Madhom were afraid of chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.