Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is expecting Malayalees living abroad to participate in the Global Salary Challenge to rebuild Kerala. Pinarayi was addressing American Malayalees after completing his medical treatment at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA.  

The Kerala chief minister requested the help of American Malayalee society for the construction of a new Kerala, addressing the Keralite community in Rockland.

“Kerala is on a path of survival. US Keralites should also cooperate with Kerala’s attempts to survive this huge disaster. Crowd funding is necessary for rebuilding Kerala and the government will coordinate the reconstruction process by estimating the losses. NRIs should also donate their one-month salary by participating in the salary challenge. I expect Rs 150 cr from US Keralites. The amount can be handed over to minister Thomas Isaac, who is set to visit US from October 18,” said the chief minister.

America is the world's largest economy. And so Keralites hope American Malayalee society will help Kerala. "Malayalees should donate, and they will help now that the chief minister is hopeful they won't let him down," said CPM leader Aravindhan.

"Some news reports say that Pinarayi has said that Centre's fund will not be sufficient for rebuilding Kerala. He forgot the initial help of the Centre and now he is saying wrong things about the Centre," said BJP member Damodharan Nadacherry.

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