Kochi:  Franco Mulakkal repeated his earlier statement to the investigation team on Wednesday that he is innocent and he was not present at Kuravilangadu seminary on the day when the complainant said he was present.  

“The nun has been a troublesome inmate of the seminary and hence I had to reprimand her several times. She was removed from an important post in the Missionaries of Jesus recently and she is under the impression that I was the person behind her removal. This is the reason for her allegations against me,” he reportedly told the investigation officers. 

Meanwhile, the cops have prepared 102 questions, along with around 250 sub-questions, for the Bishop. The investigation team has asked the Bishop to answer to the point. After an hour’s delay, Franco Mulakkal reached Thrippunnithura police club around 11 am. The instruction was to arrive before the investigation officers at 10 am. 

The questioning is being recorded with respect to the rape charges levelled against him by a Kerala nun.  However, the decision on whether to arrest him or not will be taken by today evening after the interrogation session. According to a lawyer, who wanted to stay anonymous, "Since this incident reportedly happened two years ago, concrete evidence is yet to be gathered. Meanwhile, the answers given by the accused weren't clear enough to provide any substantial lead. And he (Franco Mulakkal) remained in denial throughout."

Sources in the police say that Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the accused in the nun rape case, may get arrested on Thursday as many contradictions were spotted in his statements. Though he was questioned for seven hours on Wednesday, he could not give exact answers to all the questions asked by police, sources claim. The wrong answers can lead to his arrest, they say.

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