Palakkad: Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) woman leader raised a sexual harassment complaint against CPM MLA (Shoranur) PK Sasi in Kerala. The complaint letter was submitted to CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury. The letter stated that MLA Sasi tried to grab her after calling her to Mannarkad area committee office. 

She also alleged that the MLA used to disturb her continuously. He reportedly made clandestine phone calls. The woman also submitted a 15-minute long audio clip with the complaint. 

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury has said that he received the sexual abuse complaint lodged by DYFI woman leader against Shoranur MLA PK Sasi. He also told the journalists that he has guided the State leadership to take action on the complaint.

The party has decided to investigate the complaint. A politburo meeting was called where the State leadership directed a two-member sub-committee of the State Secretariat to probe this matter. One of the members will be a woman.

CPM Palakkad district secretariat meet is also being held today. The complaint against the MLA will be discussed in this meeting though it is not included in the previously fixed agenda. The district and State leaders have not responded on this issue yet. 

However, several leaders have indicated that action will be taken against the MLA if the complaint is found to be valid. Action will be made only after hearing the MLA’s explanation. Some leaders have proposed a demand that the party should take action against the MLA as soon as possible.

CPM MLA PK Sasi has come forward denying these allegations against him. He said to the media that a political conspiracy is behind this allegation and he is ready to face the investigation.

He also said that the party has not informed him about any complaint. And he is not aware that a committee has been appointed for the investigation. He stressed that he had survived a lot of political experiments. He also mentioned that he would face the complaint because he is a good communist.