Kochi: The Kerala high court on Tuesday criticised the state government over Sabarimala row. The high court asked the state government whether there is any secret agenda behind the entry of women into the shrine. The high court criticised the government while considering 15 petitions over Sabarimala issue.

The high court said, the government may not have a secret agenda, but those with an agenda should be identified. If the government doesn't have the capability to find them, then the court will appoint a new agency from outside, said the high court.

The high court also pointed out that Sabarimala is only for devotees and not for others. 

The court asked whether the women, who entered Sabarimala are actual devotees or not. The court directed the government to give an explanation. Sabarimala is not a place to stage protests: be it the government, protestors or individuals.

In reply, the government said the women who entered the shrine were actual devotees.

Meanwhile, the court did not accept the government’s report on allowing the private vehicle carrying Manithi team to proceed from Nilakkal. The court rejected the explanation stating that intelligence report suggested that there could be law and order problems if they were stopped at Nilakkal and sent by state bus.

The court said that it shows the inefficiency of the police. The monitoring panel of Sabarimala had submitted a report criticising the authorities for allowing the vehicle of the Manithi team to proceed from Nilakkal. The government had strongly opposed the report.

At the same time, many Ayyappa devotees have said that the CPI(M), under the leadership of Pinarayi Vijayan, has been bulldozing its way into the Lord’s abode. Some have even demanded the resignation of the Kerala chief minister following the Sabarimala fiasco.