Thiruvananthapuram: Minister of health and social justice in Kerala said that the state government has passed a financial aid of Rs 30,000 to legally married transgender couples, and sanctioned an amount of Rs 3 lakh for the current fiscal. The financial aid will be provided to those legally-married couples, who underwent surgery to become a complete man or a woman.

The minister said this financial aid is a part of bringing the transgender community into the mainstream.

Kerala is the first state in India to implement a policy for the transgenders. 

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Ishan and Surya became the first transgender couple to wed legally and created history in Kerala. Ishan and  Surya got married in Thiruvananthapuram on May 10. More than 500 people showered their blessings. Family members of both took part in the wedding. The state social justice department of Kerala has honoured India's first transgender couple.

For receiving the financial aid, one of the partners should belong to the transgender community. Those who have already availed the aid, but are opting for a second marriage after getting divorced will not be eligible for further financial assistance. Other eligibility conditions include possession of certain transgender identity card, a time period of 6-12 months after marriage for submitting application and submission of an attested copy of marriage certificate and a certificate from respective ward member/counsellor to prove that the couple lives together, along with application form to apply for the aid.