For the past 15 days, 10,000 volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have been coming to the aid of dangerously stranded flood victims of Kerala. The swayamsevaks can be seen actively participating in the rescue efforts of disaster management agencies and soldiers of the Indian Army in all the 14 districts of Kerala.


The risk involved in this social service can be gauged from the fact that Raghunath, an RSS worker, drowned in one of the inundated areas in Palakkad while he was trying to help some stranded people.

RSS volunteer Rajesh Padmar explained to MyNation how the organisation has put its plans and preparations in place so that they can serve better. "We are identifying the worst-hit districts and sending additional teams there. We identify the flood-hit zones and focus on those areas."

Rajesh said that, out of 10,000 volunteers, 4,000-5,000 volunteers are deeply involved inorganising flood relief. The volunteers are divided into three teams. One takes care of 'direct rescue' ― especially in areas where people are stranded by flooded lands or where there have been landslides.


Another team of swayamsevaks takes care of providing food and shelter, especially in 'Kendriya Vidyalayas' and other schools where many have taken refuge. That apart, there is a third team that works on providing medical facilities, medicines, and other essential materials for the people rescued. 

Kerala Seva Bharati, a registered body that is affiliated to the RSS, helps in facilitating people in and around the country to provide monetary help online.