Kerala floods which caused havoc in the State seem to have brought the citizens closer, irrespective of their religion. In a recent and humble development, a Catholic priest gave a sermon at a mosque and thanked all the members of the Mulsim community for their benevolent gesture during the floods. 

Father Sanu Puthussery, addressed the members at Jama Masjid at Vechoor in Kottayam district during jum’ah (Friday) on August 31 and delivered a thanksgiving speech at the prayer hall. As many as 580 people took shelter at St. Antony Church at Achinakom. People from the mosque came to help when a huge shortage of supplies, hit them. 

“I straightaway went to the masjid, apprised the Maulvi (cleric)oft our difficulty and requested his help. After the day’s prayers, Muslim brothers came to the church with a large quantity of food and water,” Father Puthussery said.

“I cannot express my gratitude to them in words. That much help and support they had extended during the time of difficulties,” he added.

That's not all, apart from giving a constant supply of food and water, the Mulsim youths helped them greatly with medicines too.

After this selfless deed, father Sanu immediately rushed to the Maulvi to express his gratitude for the warm assistance.

“I went to the masjid to meet the Maulvi and other authorities and thank them personally. But they invited me to their prayer hall and offered me their platform to speak,” the priest said.