Two groups of Muslims cleaned temples, which were filled with mud and slush in Kerala. And this act is evident of the fact that humanity is above any caste or religion.

Youths from Mukkam offered their help to the relief workers and they were reportedly hesitant while requesting them to clean the Venniyode Sree Maha Vishnu temple in Wayanad. The youths said that they were happy to offer help, if the temple authorities had no problem with it.

Going by the emotion, even temple authorities gave them a thumbs up. The youths took hours to wash out slush and mud from the entire temple, except for the sanctum sanctorum. The temple was cleaned and these are the moments, which show the real strength of Kerala.

In another incident, 20 youths from Mannarkkad Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation Charity Unit cleaned the Ayyappa temple in Mannarkkad, Kolpuzha. The youths went up to the relief workers and asked what they could do to help the flood victims. The members told them that there were 50 houses to be cleared of mud. And they were asked if they could clean the Ayyappa temple too.

The youths, who were due to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, were fasting, but said they were happy to offer their services. They took four hours to wash out the mud, they even cleaned the walls of the temple.