New Delhi: #MeToo campaign has already gained momentum in India, and several surprising names are grabbing the headlines each day. Today, Mollywood actor and LDF MLA Mukesh has been hit by the #MeToo campaign. 

Director and producer Tess Joseph of Indian cinema has revealed that Kerala MLA Mukesh, had behaved badly with her in a hotel when she was just 20 years old. This incident happened 19 years ago. She wrote that she was one of the crew members of the Malayalam quiz show Kodeeswaran, hosted by Mukesh.  

Tess worked as a technician then for the TV programme and Mukesh used to reportedly force her to shift her room next to his. She had allegedly complained to her head Derek O'Brien and he apparently solved this issue. Derek is the MP and  Parliamentary leader (Rajya Sabha) of All India Trinamool Congress. 

When contacted, Mukesh responded by saying that he does not remember any of this.

Took 19 yrs but here is my story #MeTooIndia #TimesUp #Metoo