The shutters of the Idukki dam are set to be opened anytime and people are in a state of panic even after the authorities promised them that nothing would happen. However, now the same district is rocked by the news of suspected murders.

Four members of a family including father, mother and children were found dead in the same pit. Police suspect they were killed either on 29 July night or 30 July as the bodies were found in a decomposed state yesterday (1 August).

The cops found the bodies of Kanat Krishnankutty, 60, his wife Susheela, 50, daughter Arsha, 21, and son Arjun, 18, piled up one above the other in a pit near a goat shed behind their house in Thodupuzha of Idukki district.

According to the local police, a hammer, a knife and a few stones were found inside the house, which had blood stains.

Krishnankutty owned a rubber plantation and a grocery shop. His daughter was a B Ed student and son was pursuing class XII while his wife was a homemaker.

There were injuries on the bodies of Susheela and Arsha. Police suspect that they might have been killed because of witchcraft or dispute over property.

For the past two days, Krishnankutty's shop was not opened and his house was closed. Susheela and  Arsha used to buy milk from a neighbour but for two days they were not seen. This led to the neighbours informing the nearest police station.

Some neighbours alleged that Krishnankutty was performing black magic and they also alleged that many clients visited his house at nights. Some villagers also alleged that Krishnankutty had issues with his family members over a property dispute.

Police have started investigating and are checking mobile phone records of Krishnankutty and his family members. Police are also looking for those who came to his house in the recent past.