Thiruvananthapuram:The Kerala government has transferred and reshuffled police officers in the state. The government has decided to demote 11 deputy superintendents of police (DySPs) for allegedly being involved in criminal cases. The policemen were temporarily promoted police officers. They have been demoted to the rank of circle inspectors. 

This kind of mass demotion is a first-time occurrence in the state. Other than the 11 DySPs, 53 DySPs and 11 assistant superintendents of police (ASPs) have been transferred. The government stated that this punishment will keep police officers in check. 

Meanwhile, 26 circle inspectors have been promoted to DySPs based on their performance.

The government had brought a new ordinance after removing the 6th sub-section in section 101 of the police Kerala Police Act in order to stay the promotion of those who face action in criminal cases. The governor also has approved this ordinance.

Though, the policemen do not have permission to petition the court for reinstatement of their ranks as per the ordinance, the policemen are likely to appeal to the high court on Monday to stay this decision.

The home department had evaluated the list of temporarily promoted DySPs since 2016. The government recommended to demote 12 officers. 

The chief minister’s office has reminded police officers that going forth, they should keep in mind that their interactions while performing their duties will affect their promotion.

The officers are facing legal action for being involved in several cases and for lapses in carrying out their duties. It is also reported that the government’s next agenda is to implement the high court’s order that prevents officers who are facing action for criminal offences from returning to resume their services.

On implementation of this order, policemen who are accused of being involved in crimes will not be able to execute the law. Reports state that more than 950 such officers are still in the police force. 

Previous raids conducted in police stations and internal investigation revealed that the officers with a criminal history also have alliance with mafias and quotation gangs.