Karnataka: The case of the temple prasad tragedy just got murkier as new details of alleged reasons for the death of 11 devotees have come to light. At least 11 died and over 100 devotees are being treated at the government hospital in Chamarajanagar, after consuming prasad that was allegedly infused with poison.

The prasad was distributed after a puja at the Maramma temple in Sulvadi village on Friday. The tragic incident occurred during the foundation stone laying ceremony of the gopura, the monumental entrance tower of the temple. The devotees were distributed tomato rice preparation as prasad.

Digging deeper into the issue, residents of the village are of opinion that the fight between families from Tamil Nadu and the residents taking care of the temple is what led to the tragic incident.

It is said that earlier, the temple was looked after by families from Tamil Nadu. Except for the holiest of holies, the temple was in a dilapidated state and no money was spent on development of the temple.

When the issue did not resolve after meetings, residents of Sulvadi demanded that they manage the affairs of the temple. Following this, a Trust was formed, and the leaders of the village started work on the temple.

The temple and its premises were developed by the residents and the families from Tamil Nadu were made to understand that they will not get the temple under their aegis ever again.

Thus, the fight between the two groups intensified. The families from Tamil Nadu demanded that they get the reigns of the temple in their hands, to which residents did not agree. The issue reached the court. But after a probe, the court ruled in favour of Sulvadi residents.

Kalappa, a member of the Tamil families vehemently opposed the new constructions taking place in the temple premises. But residents of the village planned to construct a gopura (tower) on the temple and Kalappa was against the construction.  

On Friday, the fatal day, Sri Guruswamy, a seer from Mahadeshwara Hills had come to perform the ground-breaking ceremony and prasad was offered to people after the ceremony.

After consuming prasad, people fell sick and 11 of them died. More than 100 people were treated in hospital. Primary investigations claim that there was poison in prasad.

It is alleged that the families from Tamil Nadu, who looked after the temple earlier might be involved in the case. Investigations are on.