A strange sound similar to a dynamite blast accompanied by mild tremors scared the people of Mandya and Mysuru districts in Karnataka. Similar occurrences were experienced in Kodagu in Karnataka some days before the recent deluge.

Currently, the reason for the sound and tremor has not been assessed. But there are speculations that these sounds and tremors might be a sign of the danger that lies ahead.

Warnings have been issued in Karnataka with respect to heavy downpour.

According to people of Mysuru and Mandya, a loud noise was heard at around 2.40 PM on September 25. Those residing in the 50 metre radius heard the sound and felt mild tremors as well.

They rushed out of the house, thinking it was an earthquake. But after that brief experience, there were no abnormal activities.

A similar noise was heard at Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bengaluru. And this too was followed by mild tremors. Exactly after one month, the region experienced 15 cm rain in just one night.

It is said that some days before the floods, people of Kodagu too had heard a similar sound.

However, speaking about Kodagu and Bengaluru, experts brushed aside all rumours linking heavy rains to the noise and tremors.