Bengaluru: Kampli Congress MLA JN Ganesh may have been running for some time, but surely he ran out of luck and could not escape the roving eyes of the Bidadi Police, Karnataka. The cops confirm that Ganesh, who had been absconding after he barbarically attacked fellow Congress MLA from Vijayanagara Anand Singh, has been arrested. He was picked up from Gujarat.

Ganesh has been brought back to Bengaluru today. He will soon be taken to Bidadi police station before launching further investigation. 

Going back in time, JN Ganesh had attacked Anand Singh in the wee hours of January 20 (exactly a month ago) in Eagleton Resort, Ramanagara. An FIR was lodged at the Bidadi police Station the next day.  Since then, he had been absconding. However, on Monday, he had filed an anticipatory plea before a special court. But interestingly, JN Ganesh’s lawyers had withdrawn the plea.

The rivalry between JN Ganesh and Anand Singh:

It is said that Anand Singh had rifts with JN Ganesh. Not just that, sources say he had rifts with Bheema Naik, the Congress MLA from Hagaribommanahalli too. Sources further add that Anand Singh had prodded both Bheema Naik and JN Ganesh to quit Congress and tergiversate to the BJP. But he made a volte-face and decided to stay back with the Congress. However, sources tell us that Anand Singh revealed this plan of quitting Congress to his seniors in the party. This upset JN Ganesh so much that he decided to carry out an attack on him.

Additionally, both JN Ganesh and Bheema Naik were fed up with Anand Singh’s interference into matters pertaining to their constituencies. All these things had a cumulative effect on JN Ganesh and ultimately, he decided to take on Anand Singh.