Bengaluru: Congress MP DK Suresh has lashed out at BJP saying that the party is using CBI and Enforcement Directorate to destabilise the coalition government in Karnataka. 

Suresh held a press conference on Saturday, September 8, where he said, "They (Income Tax Department) raided my brother's house last year. They have filed four prosecution cases against him. Yet again, they are trying to exert pressure on him by filing more cases. The CBI too has turned into a puppet of the party."

Suresh went on to say that he too received a notice from the CBI last week and appeared for questioning. Both brothers are cooperating with investigation agencies.

Suresh plans to visit the Prime Minister to state his grievances. He said that non-BJP leaders in other states too are being targeted.  "Now they're trying to use ED against me. I request PM Modi and I've sought an appointment with them. They're targeting everyone including Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and others. Recently, they targeted Mamata Banerjee's close aide and roped him into their party. They've continued their politics of revenge against us," he said at the press conference.

The MP also said that BJP is getting inside information from these agencies from certain officers. "Some officers in CBI and IT are giving out information to BJP workers in the State. I've got to know through my sources that they're planning to frame me and my brother," he said.

However, BJP has rubbished the claim, saying that the brothers were already under the radar of the investigation agencies before the government was formed. "These departments are discharging their duties. We have not interfered with their work. Assuming that the raids were conducted to destabilise the government is DK Suresh being paranoid," said S Prakash, BJP spokesperson in Karnataka.

Prakash said that Suresh's own party members are expressing their displeasure over the coalition government. "Suresh needs to set his own house in order before making such wild allegations. The investigation agencies are performing their duties for several decades. They are the ones who filed the cases, not BJP", Prakash said.

The undeclared money and assets cases that were slapped against Shivakumar is in court and it will decide if the cases bear merit the BJP spokesperson said. 

"He is an honourable MP and has the right to seek Prime Minister Modi's appointment. But bringing Sonia Gandhi name, in this case, is ridiculous," said Prakash.

Retaliating to Suresh's claims that officers are helping BJP with insider information, Prakash said, "He should produce evidence for this. These are wild allegations. He can take it up with the court and appropriate authorities."