New Delhi: Delhi MLA Kapil Mishra is all set to lodge a police complaint against lawyer Prashant Bhushan, ultra-Leftist activist Kavita Krishnan and journalist-turned-neta Ashutosh for allegedly spreading fake news against him.

“I will lodge a complaint against them for spreading false news and creating an atmosphere to incite violence against me,” tweeted Mishra. He also said he would file a police complaint against Uttarakhand-based IAS officer Ashish Joshi for “misusing his letterhead and playing agenda [sic].”

Joshi had sent a police complaint against Mishra to the Delhi police commissioner.

Earlier in the day, a self-composed political poem that Mishra had recited and posted on Twitter raised a massive storm on social media. Some people presumed what Mishra had described them as 'gaddar' (nation's enemy) and called for violence and vigilante justice against them. They have declared an all-out war on the Delhi politician. But can he really be accused of instigating violence?

In the said video, Mishra is heard reciting, "Modiji, you take care of the external enemies. People of this country will take care of the enemies within." Mishra was clearly referring to a lot of social media posts that celebrated the Pulwama attack which killed 44 CRPF jawans.

MyNation has been at the forefront of exposing the enemies within who took great pride is asking 'How's the Jaish', even as the nation mourned the soldiers killed in cold blood by a Jaish-e-Muhammad suicide bomber.

But now many want Mishra arrested for instigating violence for saying: “Khinch nikalo bich sadak par, ghar me chupe huye gaddar” (Bring out the enemies of the nation to the streets). It was provocation enough for Rashid, Bhushan and Krishnan to take to Twitter and express their outrage.

Shehla tagged New Delhi district DCP Madhur Verma to intervene, alleging Mishra has given “an open, emotive call to people to enter our homes”. Mishra maintains Shehla Rashid’s name wasn't taken for her to take it upon herself. The Delhi MLA is heard saying in the video, “Koi Shehla roz phailati desh-virodhi jhooti baat” (Shehla spreads anti-India fake news on a daily basis). While he argued Shehla or filmstar Naseeruddin Shah weren’t directly mentioned, the other side is convinced otherwise.

Speaking to MyNation, Kapil Mishra said, "Their outrage shows their double standards. If they portray Hindu gods and goddesses negatively, it’s their freedom of expression; but if Kapil Mishra recites a poem, they want him to be thrown in jail.”