New Delhi: Kamal Nath, who swore-in as Madhya Pradesh chief minister on Monday, had compromised national security and was in touch with the United States embassy during the Emergency, according to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks revealed a cable from during the Emergency era that Nath, who was then a close confidante of Sanjay Gandhi in West Bengal, had passed on sensitive information to US consul general Korn.

According to an article in the Times of India, On November 29, 1976, Nath told the US Consul General in Calcutta that India was “making two more atomic bombs and has plans for one more peaceful explosion”.

Wikileaks show that in another US embassy cable sent on September 17, 1976, included a plan by Nath to throw out Congress’ West Bengal chief minister Sidharth Shankar Ray and Orissa CM Nandini Satpathy as Sanjay Gandhi considered both to be “dangerous Leftists”.

Wikileaks also revealed that Nath had lunch with two US diplomats at the apartment of one of them. He gave them an overview of what he was doing behind the scenes with Sanjay Gandhi, reported the Economic Times.

Nath’s swearing-in took place today amid protests among many for his links to the 1984 Sikh massacre.

Nath is one of the high-profile Congressmen linked to the riots. He has denied allegations of being complicit in the violence, and the Nanavati Commission also gave him the benefit of the doubt.