New Delhi: Jet Airways, which is facing a severe cash crunch, has failed to pay the September salary to its senior employees. Sources said the airline is not sure and has not given any firm date for payment of September salary to its senior management, pilots and engineers.

A month ago, it defaulted on payment of August salary. It had issued a statement saying that the salary of these three categories of staffers would be paid in two tranches — on 11th and 26th of the month — till November. Which means the August salary was expected on September 11 and September 26, while the September salary was expected on October 11 and October 26, and so on.

Sources said it paid the first tranche of 50% of August salary on September 11, it paid the remaining 50% in two instalments — on September 26 and October 9.
But it is yet to pay the first instalment of the September salary three days after the designated date, the source said.

In a communication to these categories of staffers Sunday evening, the airline said it was “working” towards a solution (for payment) but did not give any specific date.

“First of all, we would like to apologise for the delayed payment of your salaries and appreciate your patience in this matter. We remain committed towards your dues and profusely thank you for doing what you do for Jet Airways every day,” Jet Airways chief people officer Rahul Taneja said in the statement.

Meanwhile, a group of Jet Airways pilots has expressed unhappiness with some of their leaders in the union, National Aviator’s Guild (NAG), accusing them of not doing enough to force the management pay salary dues.

“Some of the NAG leaders are not doing enough, not taking enough steps to deal with the situation and force the management to pay our pending salary dues,” a pilot told PTI.