Lyricist Javed Akhtar, who is loved for his poetry and work in Bollywood, is being trolled on Twitter for his choice of words like ‘creep’ and ‘aukat’, which he has used to attack a Twitter user. Trolls mocked Akhtar for praising historian Ramachandra Guha.

The war of words sparked after a Twitter user Gorakh Nath Chaubey disagreed with Guha and referred to him as a hypocrite. Akhtar jumped into the conversation and referred to Chaubey as a ‘creep’. In the same post, he berated Chaubey and said that he wasn’t worth a speck of dust on a shoe of a scholar like Guha. Akhtar ended his tweet by saying ‘apni aukat mein raho’ (stay within the realm of your worth).


Akhtar went on to praise Guha and said that while anyone can disagree with Guha, calling Guha a hypocrite is ‘an insult’. He further continued with his insults and said, “These retarded creeps should know they are not the only ones who can cross the line.”


Scientist and columnist Anand Ranganathan then took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets to expose Akhtar’s hypocrisy.

In his tweets, Ranganathan called Akhtar out by listing out examples such as one, in which Akhtar stood for freedom of expression of all writers in a tweet asked for a female officer to be sacked for writing a “communal poem.”

In another example, he brought to light Akhtar’s solidarity with MF Hussain despite his depiction of Hindu Gods on one hand and his opposition to Salman Rushdie for writing “dirty things” about those who are revered by millions on the other.





Akhtar also entered into war or words with writer and columnist Shefali Vaidya, who said that she admired Akhtar’s persistence to come back for more insults with the tenacity of a “worm”.


This is not the first time the lyricist has been trolled on Twitter. Javed Akhtar was slammed for defending Rajkumar Hirani over his sexual harassment allegations. Earlier, Akhtar was also trolled for calling gold medal winning athletes “hardly literate” people for differing from his view on an issue.