Jan Adhikar Party member Rajesh Ranjan today created a ruckus in the Lok Sabha by hurling papers towards treasury benches and was reprimanded by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan who asked him to apologise.

As soon as the House took up the Question Hour, Ranjan who is also known as Pappu Yadav, rushed to the Well shouting slogans.

He was wearing an apron with words "yachna nahin, rann hoga" (No more pleas, there will be war now), seeking special category status for Bihar.

He than hurled papers towards treasury benches, which led to a war of words between him and union minister Anupriya Patel.

Union ministers Nitin Gadkari and Ananth Kumar went to the Well to convince Yadav to return to his seat.He later returned to his seat.

An angry Speaker warned him against disrupting the House and said she would name him and force him out of the House.

Later Mahajan told him, "Your behaviour was very bad today. Such behaviour should not be repeated".

The speaker asked him to apologise.

While tendering his apology, Ranjan said he took recourse to such a behaviour to raise an important issue concerning Bihar where 11 crore people are suffering on account of drought and floods.

He demanded a special status and special package for the state.