New Delhi: After AgustaWestland middleman Christian Mitchel started singing like a canary, the BJP has upped the ante. On Monday, none less than BJP president Amit Shah highlighted this in a series of tweets. Shah said, "Does anyone know why Christian Michel passed on the details of questioning on Mrs. Gandhi to his lawyer? Did he want them to be passed on to Mrs. Gandhi herself? Why?"

In a clear attack on the Congress, Shah called the expulsion of Aljo Joseph a "sham". Joseph, who is representing Michel in the court, was the legal head of Indian Youth Congress. Embarrassed, the Congress was forced to sack him. 

BJP's Hindutva face and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath held a press conference hitting out at the Congress. Yogi alleged that the name of "Mrs Gandhi" surfaced even in the courts of Italy. In an apparent dig at the Gandhi family, Yogi asked, " Who is this Mrs Gandhi that Michel is talking about?"

The BJP is expected to hold a slew of press conferences on the issue. All BJP chief ministers and its state presidents will hold media interactions on the issue of Michel naming "Mrs. Gandhi" during interrogations by the Enforcement Directorate.