In a case of money laundering, Robert Vadra, and his close friend Manoj Arora, appeared in Delhi's Patiala House Court on Saturday.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleged that Vadra and his associate Arora are not cooperating in the investigation.

The ED also alleged that Vadra, trying to get sympathy, had posted on Facebook that he was being harassed by the ED.

Vadra's lawyer KTS Tulsi opposed to the ED's allegations and said that the ED had questioned Vadra on February 6, 7 and 8 and it would be incorrect to say that he is not cooperating in the investigation.

Vadra has denied all allegations against him and said that this is a completely false case. "This is a complete political move. I am being targeted. I abide by the law and I respect it," Vadra said.

The ED mentioned that Vadra comes along with a "procession" for the inquiry. However, later it clarified that it had used the word "procession" for the media.

However, the court has extended Vadra's interim bail till March 2.

The ED had asked the court to give it permission to inquire Vadra two or three more times and while the court asked the ED how much more time does it require, the ED sought a time period of five to six days till Vadra's bail on March 2.

It is speculated that after the end of the bail period, Vadra can be taken into custody and this is the reason why the ED thinks Vadra is not cooperating in the investigation.

Under the money laundering case, during the hearing on the interim bail of Arora, close to Vadra, the ED had told the court that only after the name of Arora came to the notice of another inquiry by the income tax department, it filed a money laundering case against him.

The ED had also told the court that Arora has an important role in the property purchased by Vadra in London and he has helped Vadra in buying the property.

According to the ED, money was arranged from Dubai to buy Vadra's property which was worth 1.9 million pounds in London. This London property is located in 12th Brianstown Square.

The property was bought by the controversial arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari for 1.9 million pounds in 2010 and was sold to Vadra for 1.9 million pounds. Bhandari had spent 65,900 pounds on its renovation.

According to the ED, it clearly means that the real owner of that property was not a stockholder, but Vadra who had borne the cost of renovation.