A new terror monster is readying to set foot in India. On its target are Army installations. And, most alarmingly, India’s schoolchildren.

Intelligence agencies have found that nine terrorists trained by the dreaded Boko Haram in the forests of northern Nigeria were set to enter India with the most sinister motive: to target schoolkids. The intelligence alert also warns of Uri- and Pathankot-style attacks on defence installations. Inputs hint that while Boko Haram has trained the terrorists, they owe allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) ideology and could be carrying out their India operations in collaboration with Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Boko Haram is infamous for — among other high profile acts of terror — the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls from Chibok in 2014. A hundred of those girls are still missing. This year, UNICEF announced that Boko Haram has abducted more than 1,000 children in northeast Nigeria since 2013 and killed 2,000 teachers.

There is a shift of training hubs for terrorists trying to attack India. Latest information shows terrorists, instead of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, are getting trained in hubs of Boko Haram, northern and northeastern Nigeria. The intelligence agencies have also gathered specific information about the number of terrorists trained in Nigeria and their routes.

It is a major reason for worry for the Indian government. Boko Haram, according to the reports, has killed more than 10,000 people so far and has carried out 300 attacks in past two years, but in a limited area. Experts also term this organisation as the new ISIS. Boko Haram has majorly targeted the military in Nigeria and the militants have trained to deal with security forces. Their other favourite target are schoolchildren.

In a secret official communication, the intelligence agency has warned against a possible attack on schools and defence installations in Delhi and Mumbai.

“According to information, there was a plan to carry out attacks in Mumbai and Delhi. Two militants were coming to India from Nigeria via Pakistan and they would attack Army installations and schools,” the official communication noted. “Seven (more) militants, who have been trained in the north area of Nigeria and belong to the Islamic State, have planned to attack Mumbai/Delhi and are already in Pakistan. They may enter India in the guise of fishermen. The possible targets in Delhi would be Bikaner House, supermarkets and airports,” the letter added.

Security forces as well as intelligence agencies have also collected information about the training schedule and number of terrorists trained in Nigeria and their routes. The terrorists may take the sea route to India, according to the intel input.