India's first IKEA store was welcomed by people, with arms and wallets wide open. The store received an overwhelming response on its first day as the total footfall stood at 40,000 and the store earned a whopping Rs 2.4 Cr till lunch and Rs 6 crore for the entire day, reported the Economic Times. Looks like people were waiting for the store to roll as they flocked from different corners of the country to shop from this Swedish giant. The crowd went berserk as there was almost a situation of stampede, with intense traffic jam around the HITEC city, while people queued up for four long hours outside. 

IKEA is a Swedish furnishing giant that caters to people of every social stratum. Currently, it has many items on offer and out of the 7500 products on display, 1000 products are below Rs 200. The store exhibits two full houses apart from different sets of bedrooms, kitchen, dining hall. It also has a huge market hall, which houses every utensil accessories and textiles, rugs, lighting, under the sun. 

Even the 1000-seater restaurant inside the store, aced in the race of doing business by having earned Rs 11 lakh. The Hyderabadi Biryani worth just Rs 99 seems to be the main attraction. 

Here's the leading sales of IKEA India, Mahesh Murthy's tweet that proves the claim: