In a feat, India has jumped 22 ranks in four years and is number 96 in the United Nation's E-Government Index that depicts the progress in digital technologies and innovations that had an impact on the public sector changing the lives of people.

In last October, India had broken into top 100 ranks in terms of Ease of Doing Business (EODB) under Narendra Modi's administration. This is a ranking index established by the World Bank Group. So the higher rankings i.e. lower numeral values means better regulations for business and stronger protection of property rights.

India had ranked 118 in 2014 and 107 in 2016. This survey by the United Nations is released once in two years. Accordingly, India has got 100% in the first stage of the E-Participation sub-index, followed by 95.65% in the second stage and 90.91% in the third. The overall score of 0.9551 on the E-Participation sub-index has put India among top 15 countries in the list of 193 counties surveyed.

But there are things to worry too as it is ranking quite poor on Telecommunication Infrastructure Index with a 0.20091 score. India is below the world average of 0.6627 on Human Capital Index as it is just successful in getting the 0.5484 score.