Virat Kohli has put up a video on his Instagram account naming it 'Veshbhusha' challenge ahead of Independence Day.

After him challenging PM Modi for fitness challenge went viral, Kohli has now nominated Shikhar, Rishabh and every Indian to take part in the Veshbhusha (costume) challenge.

In the video, the captain of Indian cricket team Kohli can be heard saying, "Give me your blood, I will give you freedom. In my childhood, I knew these words completely by heart, word for word. Some habits have not changed even to this day. Just like wearing an appropriate costume on 15 August. So, continuing the tradition, even on this 15 August, I will wear my #Veshbhusha and am nominating Shikhar, Rishabh and everyone. Happy Independence Day."

Watch Virat Kohli saying this in Hindi in this video: