An Orange alert is likely to be announced once the water reaches 2,395 feet in Idukki dam, Kerala. Currently, the water level in the dam is at 2,394 feet.

The electricity department will open the shutters of the Idukki dam within the next 24 hours after the water level reaches 2,397 feet. The shutters will be opened any time, the authorities said on Monday (30 July).

The maximum capacity of the Idukki dam is 2,403 feet, and the shutters will be opened as soon as the Mullaperiyar river overflows.

Before the water level reaches 2,400 feet, the shutters will open. The dam has already reached 90% of the water level. If the dam is opened, water will enter Periyar from Cheruthoni town to Aluva.

A meeting of officials and other members was held at the Idukki Taluk office regarding the preparations if the dam has to be opened.

Relief camps have been opened in 12 schools and 12 panchayats in the Iddiki district.  Even before the rainstorm started, the maintenance work of shutters was done by KSEB.

The Orange level weather warning is for weather conditions which can impact significantly on people in the affected areas. The issue of an Orange level weather warning means that all people in the affected areas should prepare themselves in a proper way for the expected conditions.

The Coast Guard will use small boats to rescue people if flooding occurs in low-lying areas of Ernakulam district. Disaster management officials said further updates would be issued at an appropriate time.