Warangal: The 62-year-old priest, who was beaten black and blue by an Imam died at NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad on Thursday while undergoing treatment.

D Satyanarayana of Shiva Sai temple at Pochamma Maidan, was allegedly attacked on October 26 by Natiq Hussaini of LB Nagar, Hyderabad.  According to the police, Natiq Hussaini had demanded the late priest to stop the loudspeaker of the temple, which was playing ‘suprabhatham’. This had led to an argument between them when the priest refused to stop it. Following this, Natiq attacked the priest.

The residents nearby, who noticed the fight, stopped Natiq. The priest, who suffered multiple injuries, was immediately admitted to MGM hospital. Later, the police arrested Natiq Hussaini.

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Later, the police, who convened a meeting with the religious Hindu and Muslim heads, ensured that there would be no such fights going forward. 

Later, Satyanarayana was shifted to NIMS hospital in Hyderabad on October 31 after his health condition worsened. He died on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, several business establishments in Pochamma Maidan, Mandi Bazar and LB Nagar volunteered to observe bandh as tribute to the priest. BJP activists, led by former MLA M Dharma Rao, staged a protest near Pochamma Maidan and demanded Rs 20 lakh ex-gratia for the priest’s kin.