New Delhi: Harvinder Singh Phoolka is a senior advocate of Delhi High Court, politician, human rights activist, and author. He resigned as Punjab leader of Opposition to fight 1984 riot cases.

In an interview with MyNation, Phoolka regretted, how even after decades and substantial evidence, Congress leader Kamal Nath is far from conviction. On the contrary, Nath is appointed as the chief minister-designate of Madhya Pradesh, which he called a 'joke'. 

MyNation:When you hear of Kamal Nath being the next chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, what's your reaction? 

Phoolka: Kamal Nath’s was the first name that came up in the mass killing of Sikhs in 1984. On November 2, 1984, a journalist belonging to The Indian Express confirmed Nath's presence at Gurudwara Rakabganj a day before (on November 1). Two people were charred to death alive at the same spot where Nath was present. In 1984, Sanjay Suri, the journalist who himself was an eyewitness, deposed in front of the Mishra Commission. In spite of that, no cases were registered against him.

MyNation: What was Nath's role in it and how has the fight been so far?

Phoolka: Listen, there were eyewitnesses who saw Nath leading a mob. People in the Gurudwara committee saw Nath leading the mob and they gave their version in front of different commissions. 

MyNation: The then commissioner, deputy commissioner nailed Nath's role. Do you think making him the CM in spite of such incriminating versions, goes against the spirit of democracy?

Phoolka: This is nothing new. We have been witnessing this for the past 34 years. The bigger the murder, the bigger the prize in Congress. It’s nothing new for us. It may be surprising for you, but not for us. In 1984, Jagdish Tytler’s name came up for his role in the mass killings, but he was made a minister. HKL Bhagat was promoted to the post of a cabinet minister in spite of allegation of his complicity. In 2004, he was made a minister when Tytler's role was clear. The mass killing was orchestrated and executed by the Congress. Whoever played along, are being rewarded today.  

MyNation: Is Rahul Gandhi carrying forward the same legacy?

Phoolka: The legacy is the same. Nothing has changed. We were told Tytler, Sajjan Kumar were asked to step down by Rahul Gandhi. But they were very much present in the party. In fact, they were given roles to play. Ye to sab dikhane wali bat thi. (It was all a matter of showing-off).