The 12 players and their coach of the junior football team stranded in Thailand's Tham Luang alongside three Thai Navy SEALs and doctor were rescued successfully on 10 July. India played an important role in this successful operation as reports confirm that the water pump used to extract water from the cave were sent by an Indian firm headquartered in Pune.

Rainfall was intense thus, forcing a suspension of the rescue operation again and again. On the recommendation of the Indian Embassy, Kirloskar Brothers' Limited's ‘dewatering’ pumps were used in the rescue operations by Thai authorities. 

The rescue teams were forced back by rushing flood waters inside the cave due to heavy downpour. For making a clear way for the rescue team, many such pumps were needed to drain the rising flood water, which could work continuously. After getting the information about the trapping of children, the company had sent teams from its offices in India, Thailand and the United Kingdom to the site on 5 July.

Experts involved in these teams knew how to work during the rescue operation. Here's what KBL tweeted: 

The team was underground for 9 days when they were finally located. They were rescued after being trapped in a cave in Thailand for 18 days.