Srinagar: "We have released all the family members of policemen who were abducted", claims Hizbul Mujahideen chief Riyaz Naikoo, in an audio message accessed by MyNation.

In an audio clip aimed to provoke Kashmiri Muslims against the state, he said, “Indian forces have betrayed those who helped them in Kashmir. They are using forces to supress our movement."

Trying to regain local support, the terrorist said, “Local police are not our target. India is using the local force against us. Kashmir Police is leading all operations against us from the forefront.”

The fear of local police could be sensed in the part of the clip where Naikoo says, “We will no more tolerate the local police as they are heading all major operations against us. We will reply to the police as we do with other forces from now on.”

“We never wanted to abduct families of policemen but they forced us to do it. This was a message to all that we can dare reach your families," Naikoo said.

Claiming to have set free all the abducted relatives of policemen, Naikoo said, “This time, we have set them free but from the next time onwards, it won't be the same."

Naikoo demanded of the cops that they set free all the relatives of terrorists, who have been detained by Jammu and Kashmir Police for their involvement in various terror plots, in three days. He threatened them to also release all terrorist-backed youth booked by the State police under the PSA.

"We won't be abducting relatives of policemen anymore… (but) we have hundreds of families but you have only a few," said Naikoo while threatening the families of policemen.

In the 11-minute long audio clip, Naikoo provoked low-ranking officers to resign if their senior rank officials forced them for anti-terror operations. He warned the local police, too, against continuing with the operations or to face the wrath of terrorists.