Chennai: The state of Tamil Nadu is witnessing a steep increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases among youngsters despite the decrease in the number of cases overall. According to reports, Chennai has maximum number of AIDS cases.

In 2003, 43% of cases in India were reported to be from Tamil Nadu, and it has reduced to less than 10% this year. The report states that the number of cases increased in 2017-2018, especially among the age group 10-25.

In 2015-16, the number of cases reported in the category 10-19 was 160, which shot up to 187 the next year. Reports from April to October, 2018, show that 99 cases have been recorded in this category.

Similarly, in the age group 20-25, 432 cases were reported in 2015-16, which significantly rose to 554 in 2017-18.  The latest report shows 318 cases in the group.

In the age group 60 and above, the number of cases reported were 536 in 2015-16, which increased to 699 in 2017-18 and decreased to 435 cases in the April-October report.

Use of infected needles and protected sex is considered to be the major reasons behind the increase of cases in the age group 10-25, according to public health experts.