Sattur: Days after the 19-year-old boy tried to kill himself for unknowingly donating his HIV infected blood to the pregnant woman in Sattur, Tamil Nadu, the boy died on Sunday morning at Rajaji government hospital in Madurai.

Early on December, a pregnant woman in Tamil Nadu was infected with HIV after undergoing blood transfusion at Sattur government hospital in Tamil Nadu. As the red blood cells in the pregnant woman's body were low, the doctor had recommended blood transfusion.

Later, on December 26, the 19-year-old boy attempted suicide by consuming pesticide as he realised that his HIV positive blood was given to a pregnant woman. His shocking decision came after he feared shame, and was then admitted to Ramanathapuram government hospital.

According to reports, it is said that the boy died due to severe complications following his suicide attempt. Several medical experts have stated that their key focus is on ensuring that the child, which is expected to be born in January, does not come in contact with the virus. After the birth, the medical team will begin their preventive medications on the child. Nonetheless, the Tamil Nadu government had announced that it would take the responsibility of the mother and child’s medical expenses.

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