Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy's teary-eyed public speech drew flak from various quarters. And this was not the first time he had cried and spoken emotionally in public.

During the last day of campaigning for Karnataka Assembly elections, Kumaraswamy had broken down while appealing people to vote for him and his party JD(S).

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On 11 May, he had said, “If you want to see me alive, vote for me and make us (JDS) win. If I win, I will save you. But for that to happen, you need to save me first,” an emotional Kumaraswamy had said.

Now, history repeated itself. After the elections, Kumaraswamy has become the chief minister with the help of Congress in Karnataka. Recently, Kumaraswamy was seen wiping his tears off, during a public speech.

How does Kumaraswamy manage to shed tears in public that easily?

Former JD(S) MLA and now Congress minister in Kumaraswamy Cabinet might have an answer to this. It is Zameer Ahmed Khan, who is Food and Civil Supplies and Minorities Minister.

There was a time when Zameer Ahmed Khan, as an MLA from JD(S) was angry with Kumaraswamy and was labelled a rebel leader.

Once, in front of the media, Zameer had said that he was with Kumaraswamy when he cried. The towel which Kumaraswamy had on his shoulders fell and when Zameer bent to pick it up and he could smell Vicks Vaporub ointment smeared on it. This is how Kumaraswamy cries in public, Zameer had said.

It can also be noted that Kumaraswamy’s wife Anita, ex-MLA, during a campaign in May 2013 had wept during the campaign for JD(S) and had explained how hard she and Kumaraswamy have worked for the party.

Even this time, Kumaraswamy was seen wiping his moist eyes with a small towel. Was it Vicks Vaporub that brought out tears? Is there any truth in what Zameer Ahmed had said earlier?