Thiruvananthapuram: The Supreme Court verdict on September 28 allowing the entry of women of all age groups into the famous shrine had made Sabarimala a battlefield.

Violence has hit whole Kerala after two women entered the temple through the back doors on January 2. 

While social media has been indulging in heated debates regarding the holy shrine with fingers pointing at CPI(M) for the entire ruckus, Google too seems to have joined them. If anyone in the world searches on Google saying, ‘Who is the bad chief minister of India’, Pinarayi Vijayan's name with a brief description pops up on the page. 

Many trolls regarding this have also gone viral on social media within minutes. 

Many devotees have said that the CPI(M), under the leadership of Pinarayi Vijayan, has been bulldozing its way into the Lord’s abode. Some have even demanded the resignation of the Kerala chief minister. 

Meanwhile, Nair Service Society (NSS) general secretary G Sukumaran Nair slammed the Kerala government with respect to the Sabarimala issue. NSS alleged that CPI(M) is imposing atheism on Keralites and is responsible for the violence in the state. 

Nair also said that the CPI(M) is implementing the party policy in people by using the power, which people themselves gave while voting. He also said there were many incidents when the state government could have taken decisions peacefully, but, in turn, complicated the issues. Nair also said the faithful devotees try to protect their faith by preserving age-old traditions of the temple.

Right-wing groups, devotees and Hindu supporters have been calling for action against Pinarayi Vijayan for not giving weight to their demands to respect tradition.

Pinarayi Vijayan had implemented the Supreme Court order lifting the ban immediately after it was passed and has been at the receiving end of the wrath of Hindu supporters, who believe in the custom of not allowing women in the age group 10-50 to enter the  shrine.

"Vijayan may have the West Bengal agenda in mind to eliminate Ayyappa devotees. Just the way he killed TP Chandrasekharan, the devotees, who are against him, could also be killed. And these arrests could be the first step of his plan," a BJP worker, who wished to stay anonymous, said.

According to police sources, a total of around 2182 cases have been registered and around 6711 arrests have been made in connection with the violent protests in Kerala.