Mewat: A man gave triple talaq to his wife in Doha village of Ferozepur Zirka of Mewat district after his wife complained that her father-in-law tried to rape her. 
The husband sent a divorce notice through the post to the woman's home. The victim is a resident of Duongja village.
The victim made a complaint of sexual abuse against the father-in-law. On this, the husband divorced his wife and freed her from her wifely duties. The husband chose to repay his father's defamation with a divorce and the victim had to pay the price of exposing her father-in-law's act with a divorce.

According to the victim's family, the elder daughter was married to Imran, son of Liaquat Ali of Doha village six-seven years ago. After that, the younger sister was married in the same family to Sajid. The father-in-law started misbehaving with the younger sister one day and tried to make inappropriate sexual advances towards her. The elder sister is a mother of three children. Since the incident, both sisters have been forced to live with their maternal grandfathers.

When the victim got a note of divorce, she was taken aback. After the police did not take any action against the woman's complaint, the victim has now approached the court.

The victim has complained to the Ferozepur police on July 23. The victim alleged that her gauna happened only eight months ago. She has been living in her in-laws since then. But her father-in-law has been keeping a watch on her. It is alleged that she was lying in her room at 10 PM on July 22, and suddenly her father-in-law, Liaquat Ali, came inside from her bedroom.

The father-in-law came inside the room and closed the door, after which he started to misbehave with her. When her sister tried to save her, the accused hit her and her sister badly.

On the night of the incident, both of the sisters were thrown into the jungles of Pinangwan by the in-laws before fleeing. A few people who were passing by took the two women home. The victim’s family has also made serious allegations against the police.

This comes after eight men from Mewat were arrested last month for allegedly raping a pregnant goat.