At a time when India stands united, even when the often-bickering polity put up a united face against Pakistan in the aftermath of Pulwama attack, there are efforts being made to manufacture chaos by carefully crafted scaremongering. 

A message by Rishi Raj Vyas has gone viral over social media. The post claims that there has been a steep rise of attacks on the LGBTQ community in India, mysteriously in the last 48 hours. A note from the man says, "In past 48 hours we have noticed a sharp rise in physical and verbal attacks against queer community."

Vyas further alleges, "My dear friend who is a queer student leader in DU has also faced death threats. This is a time when we need to safeguard ourselves." However, Vyas didn't give any specifics. Neither did he name the 'queer student leader' of DU, nor did he mention whether any police complaint was lodged after he vaguely alleged, "Yesterday itself a mob attacked a group of visibly queer individual and threatened them about how they are about to kill all the 'homos and hijras".

The only detail provided that can be probed, is the case of a transwoman who was beheaded in Tamilnadu. MyNation has learned that her name was Rajathi who worked as a priest at a local temple in SS Manikapuram area in Thoothukudi. Police investigation has revealed, it has less to do with homophobia and more to do with a property dispute. Rajathi's temple is built on the land owned by the main accused who is identified as 23-year-old Maruthu. Therefore, the only verifiable detail given by Vyas crumbled like a pack of cards when investigated. 

So, what's the narrative of 'gays are under attack' all about? We asked leading LGBTQ activist Ashok Rao Kavi and pat came the reply, "Oh! It's rubbish. I too have seen it. But it's fake news". When asked about why the message is being circulated, Ravi answers, "It’s done with the idea to create a stir. I vouch that sexual minorities are not under any attack that has spiralled in the last 48 hours. This has been crafted and spread with malicious intent."

One wonders, why would someone do that? But the answer lies in the timing of the scaremongering. The nation stands tall and united in face of one of the worst attacks on its security forces by terror emanating from Pakistan. Nations polity, its different races put up a united face with nationalism running high. It needs a diversion to create a rift in society that Pakistan desperately want. Not to forget a few stray incidents of Kashmiris facing agitation who are living in the mainland was suddenly given a spin of Kashmiris universally under attack. The likes of Shehla Rashid who were caught lying on Twitter only to be corrected by Uttarakhand Police, serves as a perfect example. 

But the nation can see through this criminal mischief. No wonder, India's top trend through the day on Twitter has been #ExposeDeshdrohis.