Kerala’s Facebook group “Glassile Nurayum Platile Curryum” (GNPC) (Meaning - Froth in glass, curry in plate) will not be banned as per American law, the social media giant has clarified to Thiruvananthapuram city’s police commissioner.

GNPC was accused of promoting alcohol consumption among youths in Kerala through Facebook. In a letter, the Thiruvananthapuram police complained to Facebook asking it to deactivate the account but that has not happened now.

Facebook responded to Thiruvananthapuram police commissioner P Prakashan and stated that according to the American law the content of GNPC is not wrong so they won't ban the FB group.

This Facebook group has more than 20 lakh followers. On this page, people post photos of alcohol, food and travelling.

Despite Facebook’s decision, the police are not giving up on their efforts. They are exploring other ways to take down the group through Indian laws.

“This group is essentially intended to tempt people and children into consuming liquor through photos. There were two admins and 36 moderators. Now only 10 moderators are left, the rest seem to have exited,” a Kerala excise official told My Nation.

Excise commissioner, Rishiraj Singh, will also write another letter which includes all registered cases to ban the GNPC group.

The excise commissioner's office said that the letter would be sent through Kerala chief secretary. The main administrator of GNPC, Ajith is absconding.

Excise department has so far written letters to banks to look into the account details of Ajith and his wife. The findings revealed that this group has several members from abroad also.

Investigating officials said that they have found out that three liquor companies have sponsored the GNPC group. However, Kerala Beverage Corporation has denied the probe officials’ claims.