New Delhi: Before the 2019 general elections, this is the season of polls. As five states went to Assembly polls, exit polls are the flavour of the moment, with still a few days to go before the final figures are out on December 11. The big-ticket states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh could decide the fate of the Congress and the BJP in 2019.

While a number of exit polls chose to fence-sit, dealing mostly in wide ranges when it came to predictions, there were a few which have stuck their necks out, this way or that, not predicting a hung Assembly.

For the purpose of this article, such exit polls have been selected which, even if they have predicted in the form of ranges, have decided to portend that either the Congress or the BJP would make the next government in the state concerned.

Times Now-CNX exit poll has predicted a clean win for the BJP in Madhya Pradesh when others have chosen to go with a more complex picture. It has given the BJP 126 seats against 89 for the Congress. Fifteen have been given to others and independents.

Conversely, ABP News-CSDS exit poll expects the Congress to come on top on Madhya Pradesh. It gives the Congress clear victory with 126 seats, BJP trailing with 94. It gives 10 seats to others and independents.

Republic TV-C Voter has given a range of seats, yet in either case, the Congress grabs Madhya Pradesh according to their poll predictions. The Congress just about passes the muster with 110-126 seats, while the BJP trails with seats in the range between 90 and 106.

For Chhattisgarh, Times Now has yet again gone out on a limb for the BJP. It predicts 46 seats for the saffron outfit and 35 for the Congress. Nine go to others and independents. The exit poll by ABP News-CSDS too have predicted a BJP victory here, with 52 seats, Congress tied down to 35. Others and independents get just three seats in Chhattisgarh according to them.

Conversely, India Today-Axis exit poll has given its expected results in terms of ranges. While BJP trails with seats between 21 and 31, the Congress would bag between 55 and 65 seats.

For Rajasthan, Times Now-CNX has given the Congress a clear majority with 105 seats, the BJP trailing with 85 seats. ABP News-CSDS have also predicted a Congress victory with 101 seats while the BJP gets 83. India Today-Axis pollsters have given the Congress victory within the range of 119 and 141 seats. The BJP gets somewhere in the range 55-72. Republic TV gives the Congress a rather big win in Rajasthan with 137 seats, pinning the BJP down at 60 seats.

In Rajasthan, only Jan Ki Baat has predicted a BJP win with 93 seats. A slim margin, of course. The agency has given a close 91 seats to the Congress.