New Delhi: For the past one week, India’s top two agencies, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), are busy with two persons — Robert Vadra, businessman and husband of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar. Both are being interrogated. Both the agencies claim progress in the respective cases.

In marathon questioning rounds, both Vadra and Kumar have been grilled for more than 24 hours.

The ED is grilling Vadra in Jaipur to know more about a land deal involving his company Skylight Hospitality in Bikaner. Sources have claimed that Vadra did not accept any involvement but links have been established between the owner of the land and his company officials.

Meanwhile, Robert Vadra wrote on Facebook, “So here we are, my 75-year old mother n (sic) me in Jaipur to depose in front of the Enforcement Directorate.  Not understanding the lows of this vindictive government to be (sic) harassing a senior citizen, who the world knows has lost her daughter in a car crash, her ailing son to diabetes, and her husband as well. Three deaths occurred n (sic) all I did was to ask her to spend time with me in my office, so I can look after her and we both could grieve on our losses, while spending time together.”

Vadra added, “Now she is being accused, maligned and called to be interrogated, for spending time in my office.  Since I have already been interrogated for 3 days in Delhi headquarters of the Enforcement Directorate.  If there was any issue or any illegality, which was found by government, why did it take them 4 years n (sic) 8 months, to call me a month before campaigning begins for the General elections.”

Meanwhile, far from Jaipur, CBI finished the fourth round of questioning in Shillong with Rajeev Kumar, the Kolkata police commissioner, regarding the Saradha chit fund scam. Sources say that Kumar is not giving proper replies; that he is rather preaching legality to CBI officers. On Wednesday, he was grilled for three hours on the basis of information the investigators got from Kunal Ghosh, a former TMC leader and co-accused in the Ponzi case.
Vadra's is facing the charge of involvement in controversial land purchases in Bikaner while his alleged company Skylight Hospitality's role, which had purchased 69.55 hectare of land for Rs 72 lakh and later sold it to another firm for Rs 5.15 crore, is being probed too. He was quizzed about his aides, the land purchase, his company and the firm to which the land was sold over nine hours, sources said.