New Delhi: Delhi police have landed themselves into controversy again after a video of cops relaxing at a crime-spot surfaced. The encounter took place in Sarai Kale Khan area near Millenium Park on Thursday morning.

Saddam Hussain, a criminal involved in an extortion case was lying on the ground, while the policemen who were present there stood calm, in no hurry to rush him to the hospital. 

A freelance journalist who did not wish to be named recorded the video after the encounter of Hussain by the Delhi police. The journalist said that he did not notice any blood stains or bullet wounds. 

The encounter ended around 5:15 AM on Thursday.

Just 5 minutes later, around 5:20 AM, the journalist claimed that he saw 10-12 policemen who had cordoned off some area at Sarai Kale Khan. He said he was on the spot for 7-8 min.

“I, along with my sister and her two children, was passing from the stretch where the encounter took place. Suddenly, I saw some policemen who cordoned off an area where a person was lying on the ground,” the journalist said.

While the video exposed carelessness of the policemen after the encounter, the journalist also claimed that he didn’t see any blood spots or stains.  In his video, there are no visuals of spattered blood. He added, “I was on the spot for about 7-8 min but didn’t see any ambulance or PCR van coming to take the victim.”

When MyNation contacted an ex-Police Commissioner of Delhi Police and showed him the video, on condition of anonymity, he said, “Why are cops posing in front of the camera instead of taking the criminal to the hospital? It is a visible lapse on policemen's part and can attract a notice from NHRC as well. Also, there is no crime team or FSL team other than the ones who circled the gunshot on one officer’s jacket and on the ground.”

The ex-Delhi police chief also raised the question about no visible blood stains in the video. “Strangely, there are no blood spots or loss of blood visible in the video. If the criminal had suffered a gunshot, there has to be a major blood loss as it can be life-threatening too,” the officer said.

MyNation questioned district DCP Chinmoy Biswal about the encounter. Biswal said, “Don’t conclude that there were no blood spots. The video was shot almost 200 m away from the place where the accused was located. We immediately shifted the accused to the hospital.” 

When asked how Saddam was transported, he said, "It must be through a district police van, I don't have details of the encounter right now."

Sources told MyNation that Hussain is still alive but in the ICU of a hospital.