Being the first among Sandalwood stars to speak out after #MeToo became a movement, Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi spoke said, young girls who want to enter the Sandalwood should not be desperate to get everything in an instant. No one should be in the desperation mode. People wanting name and fame just like that is a problem, that will make them vulnerable.

Thus, the actress explained a situation where her name was used to lure some girls. This is not a story of a victim, but a person who fought back and taught the accused a lesson.

Speaking to RJ Nethra, actress Ragini said that there was a casting call by a casting director. Many girls took part in the audition that was held in the ground floor of a five-star hotel.

The girls were asked to dress up for the occasion, their photos were taken and audition was done. After that, the casting director and the manager explained to the girls that they have to go and meet the producer or financier for an interview upstairs in one of the rooms of the hotel.

Meanwhile, the casting director also showed photos of actresses he launched. One of the photos was Ragini Dwivedi's and while showing the photo, he had told at least three girls there that he had introduced Ragini to the Kannada films. 

He even went on to say that they need to compromise on some things, if they want the part. They had told that everybody compromises. 

"Now these girls are from a small town and do not have my contact, and they cannot approach me directly to ask if it is true," Ragini said.

"But for the casting director's bad luck, one of the girls’ aunt was my mother's friend. So, the girl called her aunt and explained everything. So, my mother met the girl and after hearing everything, said, “Go ahead and do it but stay in touch with me.”

"The girl got worried. But she went ahead to meet the manager in the coffee shop. My mother is the Jhansi Rani of my family. My mom sent two officers in civil dress who went inside and bashed the three men posing as casting director and managers." 

The reality was that they were not casting directors. These people are not from the industry. After getting beaten up, they confessed that they were trying to take advantage of the situation in the name of casting couch (that is rampantly reported in the film industry).


‘Don't be in a hurry to get to somewhere because you need to work hard and get there. I did and I got to be where I am standing today,’ said Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi. Here is the actress's version of #MeToo movement.

"As this issue (#METoo) is happening. Whatever (casting couch) has happened is unfortunate. It has happened and that is why issues come up," the actress said.  

"According to me, who do you blame? It is not the mistake of directors or managers or casting directors. It is some random people who are trying to scam young girls and boys as these young people are getting into desperation mode to want to do something like that," Ragini said.

 In the industry, everybody is busy doing their work. Nobody has the time. But I am really glad that women are coming out and talking about it. It states that women have the right to expression and equality. 

"Don't be in a hurry to get to some place because you need to work hard and get there. I did and I got to be where I am standing today," Ragini said, advising the girls who want to make it big in the film industry.